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Financial Planning

Carnegie Financial Planning operates under Australian Financial Services Licence No.389528.

What we do

Think of a Financial Planner in the same way you would a GPS Navigator on your car’s dashboard. You’d use a Financial Adviser like a Guide for your Wealth Journey to help you make smart decisions about your money.

A GPS gives you direction, helps you get back on track if you miss a turn, shows you which roads will escape traffic jams, speed cameras or tolls. GPS Navigators even suggest places to stop along the way to make your journey safe and interesting. A Financial Planner is a GPS Navigator for your Life and Wealth Journey.


  • a guide and an educator, showing you how to make smart decisions about their money.


A Financial Planner is

  • a strategist with the experience and professional skills that can help you achieve your life goals



  • a coach who will keep you honest and focused on your goals, who will stick with you as times get tough and share your achievements with you as you ascend towards your goals.

What makes us special

Our vision is to empower our clients with the tools and strategies to achieve their life and wealth goals.

We partner with you on your wealth journey. To do we need to know and understand what’s important to you and what you value. We get to know what drives you to work, to spend, to save, to borrow, to risk, to laugh and cry. All of these things signpost your Wealth Journey. Knowing these motivators allows us to tailor our advice to you.

We operate only on a fee for advice basis with the option of engaging me for specific issues or as part of an ongoing advice relationship

We work in harmony with our in-house Accountant and Mortgage Broker. It’s a professional business partnership to benefit you, our clients. The result is integrated solutions that will help protect, build and manage your wealth. Together we’ll work in harmony to help you achieve your goals.

How we can help you

You are the driver and the centre of our Advice. Our goal is get you to focus on Protecting, Building and Managing your Wealth now and with a clear direction and purpose for the future. These three areas of financial well being deserve your attention.

Protecting Wealth – for most of us, our work sustains our life. Wealth Protection is the smart use of Personal Life Insurance to shield your family and wealth against uncertainties like disability and sickness and certainties like death.

Building Wealth – is about controlling your cash flow and using it to implement Investment strategies to help you work towards financial independence. Though our destinations are different, we are all working to get to a point where our wealth can sustain our lifestyle.

Managing Wealth – is about knowing where your wealth is, how it’s growing and how to structure your finances to achieve your goals. It’s about managing your money on purpose rather than leaving things in place because of chance and circumstance.


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